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Hardware And Software Minimal System Requirements:

Below you can find the standard minimal hardware and software system requirements. These requirements can vary from application to application. Please read the product labels and descriptions for current information.

Pentium System or higher

512 MB RAM minimum

Minimal Video Resolution of 800 X 600 pixels, High Color, Small Fonts

Correctly installed sound board, mouse, CD-ROM unit

Windows operating system

Basic skills in using a PC

User  License

ISA Multimedia is the copyright owner of the software educational products specified on this site (software and publications).

ISA Multimedia is registered with ORDA, in the National Registry For Software Programs, as a software producer. The software produced by ISA Multimedia is registered as well with ORDA, in the National Registry For Software Programs.

The software products can be executed and activated (if it is the case - see the section about software activation) on a single computer at the same time, computer belonging to the legal owner of the software license. It is permitted for a legal user to execute and activate (if it is the case) the software product on a second computer, if the legal user owns more than one PC (for example: the home computer and the computer at the office).

Installation, execution and activation of the software products on more than one computer are not allowed, for either commercial or non-commercial use (for example: in-house training). The user license offers user rights only to the legal user.

Making illegal copies, renting, selling or modifying in any way are not allowed for the ISA Multimedia educational software products, without the express written agreement from ISA Multimedia.

De compiling and modifying in any way are also not allowed for the software products produced by ISA Multimedia. This applies to all modules of the respective software.

The use of individual modules from the software products is not allowed, without express written permission from ISA Multimedia  (individual modules can be software function libraries, audio/video clips, text, animations and any other file which accompanies a software product).

About Certificates Of Study:

Some multimedia courses include tests. If these are correctly solved (80% minimum) and sent to ISA Multimedia, then a certificate of study can be obtained, after paying a tax of 9,90 RON (VAT included).

A multimedia course can span on multiple CDs. In this case, the tests are on the last CD of the series, and include subject matter from all CDs in the series.


ISA is accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research for holding IT training courses and emitting certificates of study.

A great part of the multimedia courses and educational software for kids is certified by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research. The other titles are pending certification.

The ECDL courses have accreditation from ECDL Romania.

Software Activation:

Some multimedia course are protected against illegal copying by using an activation key. In order to obtain the activation key you must have handy the following data:

- the product serial number

- the computer personal key

The activation key can be obtain:

- Via telephone: +4021 326 0731, 0748 115779, Monday-Friday, between 9:00-17:00.

- Via e-mail.

- On the ISA Multimedia Web site, accessing the following URL: http://www.isamultimedia.ro/cheie/index.htm. The online form must be completed.

You need to specify the following information: product serial number, the personal key of the computer where the application will be installed and personal information (name, city, where the  CD was purchased).

The activation keys are valid only for the computer for which they were generated. Please read the sections about  software activation from the FAQ page, for more information about the activation keys.

NOTE:The older version using a protection diskette is no longer available.

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